Saturday 4 September 2010

Get a track signed to CR2 / Free MYNC track download

Just got this little bumper pack from CR2... just follow the links to get to see a video on how you can get a track signed to CR2, and another to download a free track by MYNC.

Get a track on CR2 (youtube video)

Free track from MYNC (link from Facebook)

Friday 4 June 2010


So got some love from the boys at Scattermish in my inbox the other day (I'm not organised, at all). Namely its Lewis CanCut's Neon Saxophone EP that came out on the 1st June... featuring mixes from Mexican Gaurachero man, Chico Ye, The Cumbia Cosmonauts, and Sonido Del Principe. We've got the Chico Ye mix for you, and if you want more (and you should) hop over to Scattermish to pick up the rest.

Lewis CanCut 'Get Low' (Chico Ye remix)

Lewis CanCut 'Neon Saxophone EP'